How Do I Survive

It dawned on me the other day that without my medications I would probably be dead. Simple as that: dead. When you think about it it’s a scary thought, the fact that I have to go about this daily routine administering different medications at different times just to stop my body from destroying itself. My body may not want to live but my mind sure as hell does, there’s a whole bunch of stuff I’ve yet to do before I die.

I thought I’d write a post on all of the medication that I have to take in a single day. I can only assume that there are others in a similar situation to me who are looking for some support or some information on any of these diseases.


I use this medication to help me control the pain in my leg, muscles and joints. It’s a bit of a party popper as I have to avoid alcohol with it. Although I have discovered that I can have a small drink with it if I’m having a good pain day and don’t need my full dosage. Just be very careful if you’re going to do this, it says to avoid alcohol for a reason, mainly because the combination of the full dosage and alcohol can slow your breathing making it very dangerous for you.

Clexane (Enoxaparin Sodium)

This little beast is my main life saver at the moment. I have to take this 100mg injection every 12 hours to keep my platelets down, thin my blood and keep this animal of a clot in place (it’s at least 3ft long and living in my left leg and tummy). Here are a couple of articles I have written on Clexane:

Seretide and Ventolin

Just like the Clexane I have to take a steroid inhaler every 12 hours to keep my asthma at bay and the ventolin I take as and when as a reliever. I’ve had these inhalers for quite a while now and they don’t really bother me anymore, they have become part of my morning and evening routine and that’s that.

Green Tea

I’ve started taking a green tea capsule in the morning to help give me a natural energy boost. I’ve found that it really helps kick the morning brain fog in the booty. I’ve written an in-depth Squidoo Lens on the Benefits of Green Tea for Chronic Fatigue Patients if you want to find out more.

Probiotic Yoghurt

These crazy little bacteria help to keep my bloat and IBS at bay. I haven’t really done much research on these little blighters (it’s on my to-do list) but I know they work and keep me comfortable.


I’ve yet to write a full blown article on my love affair with arnica but it has done wonders for my post-thrombotic syndrome and helps to also get rid of bruising and any hematomathat crop up from my injections. You can buy some Arnica cream from Amazon so you can keep it on hand for any knocks and bumps.


I uses these daily to help me get around. I can only walk a couple of paces without holding onto something and I can only do that inside. When I first came out of hospital I was on my own rehab program so that I could get fit enough to go back to work (we all need money right) and that involved me doing some time on an exercise bike and some upper body work so that I could use the crutches effectively. That rehab has now stopped because I get my “exercise” from work – trust me on this one by the time I’ve got to work I’m knackered, it’s hard work walking with a massive limp and dud leg.
Unfortunately the situation that I’m in at the moment means that I can’t participate in my beloved karate, I can only sit and watch. It also means that until this clot has stabilized or gotten smaller I can’t do any more rehab otherwise I risk breaking the clot and dying.

IVC Filter

I had this bad boy fitted when I was hospitalized. Basically, all it does is sit in the big vein that runs down the middle of the torso and stop any blood clots from reaching my lungs, brain or heart. It’s my biggest life saver (aside the Clexane) and acts as a warning signal that a clot has broken off (I’ll get chest pain and limb swelling) and that it’s time to dial for an ambulance. I have to get it checked out every 6 months just to make sure it’s ok and not moved or anything.

Foots Stools

I have these pretty much everywhere I go. I even have one in the car for if I’m out and about and need to stick my leg up. The foot stools help with the Venous Insufficiency – where the valves are now busted in the main vein blood will pool in the bottom of my leg so by having my leg up where ever possible I can let gravity take the blood to my hip where the unbroken veins will take over.


I haven’t started this medication yet but I will do once my blood work is stable. I will eventually be on this medication for the rest of my life to keep my blood thin and

Right, I’m fairly sure those are all the medications that I’m on or due to go on. If you have any questions or thoughts on these then by all means leave me a comment.

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