I’ve recently come out of hospital after a very painful experience. I was rushed in with extreme pain and was diagnosed with a 3ft deep vein thrombosis in my left leg and Heterozygous Factor V Leiden Mutation (a blood disorder). This particular blog is going to focus on how I stay health with these problems and also provide tips and resources on any topic that I’ve experienced.

About ME

I like to workout. What can I say, it makes me feel great, keeps my mind sharp, helps me do my job better and also gets me off my butt for a few minutes each day. I’ve tried so many different forms of exercise from long distance running to martial arts to dancing and it’s all been so much fun; change keeps you on your toes and keeps you working hard.
I’m not all about working out though, I’ve recently come out of University with a Masters in Music but I’m not done there I want to go back to do my teacher training and to do my PhD in alternative tuning systems. Once that has all been accomplished I want to get a lecturing position at a higher education institute to continue my research with like minded people and to teach my favorite subject. In the mean time I’ve had experience as a teaching assistant which was so much fun and such a rewarding experience however, it just wasn’t paying the bills. So now I’ve got a great job working for a bank, I get to talk to people all day help them improve their financial situations at the same time.
Another passion of mine that I wont explore here is gaming. Now this ranges anywhere from video game on a pc or console to table top games like pathfinder and D&D. I meet up with a group every Friday to play through campaigns and it is awesome!
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