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Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Since February is National Fiber Focus Month I thought I’d compile a quick post about some interesting articles on fiber. Fiber is a very important part of our diet and does a whole host of things to keep us healthy: removes toxins, creates constipation, keeps us full and loads more.

The average person should be getting between 25 grams (for a woman) – 38 grams (for a man) per day. However, the sad fact remains that the average person is only consuming about 15 grams of fiber per day. In my opinion this is happening because we aren’t taking the time to eat proper healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains but instead we are living off of fast foods that have very little nutritional value. So, if you love your tummy and want to stay healthy you should really pay attention to these articles and do more to get some extra fiber into your diet.

Interesting Articles


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Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Fitbit: Wireless Personal Trainer

Fitbit: Wireless Personal Trainer (Photo credit: mrcd@sbcglobal.net)

I came across this great little fitness tool: Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker. It is a very lightweight tracker designed to keep you motivated by recording your daily activity, sleep patterns, and with the software your food consumption.

With the Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker you will be able to track the following:

  • Distance travelled
  • Steps taken
  • Flights of stairs climbed
  • Calories burnt
  • Total hours of sleep
  • How many times you woke up in the night
  • How many calories you have eaten
  • Calorie input vs output.

Weighing in at only 0.08kg (0.2lbs) it can clip onto your belt, your bra or even sit in a pocket. The altimeter is able to detect changes in movement and height. For example it can tell when you step and if you climbing or descending a hill or stairs.

I wrote a full review on my website so if you want some more information then follow the link to the Fitbit Ultra Review.

Alternatively if you want to buy it straight away then just follow:

Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker, Black/Blue

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Why You Might Need to Drink More Water

Drinking water is important for any person but if you are on medication you might need to drink a bit more water than a person not on any medication. There are certain types of medication that can absorb more water from your digestive tract in order to work effectively.

Unwanted Symptoms

You may find that you have a series of unwanted symptoms such as constipation, dry mouth, skin problems, changes in appetite and a whole host of others, however, these could all be rectified by drinking a little bit more water everyday. Of course you should check with your health care provider just incase you are having a reaction to the medication rather than dehydration, which in itself could become a problem over time.

Rectifying Dehydration

One way to test your hydration level is to check the color of your urine. If your urine is a dark yellow then you are dehydrated and need to drink more. Urine should be clear to pale yellow to be at an optimum hydration level so you can keep drinking the same amount that you are now.

Why Drinking Water is Important

In a previous article I wrote about how water effects the body. If you want to find out more you can read my article The Importance of Drinking Water. If you’re struggling to get all of your water in you can also check out these 10 Sneaky Ways to Add More Water to Your Lifestyle.

Drinking Humor

If you have a sense of humor you might like some of these:

Rehab Is For Quitters Tshirts
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Drinking Bottles

Getting a drinking bottle is a great way to get some more water into your daily routine. Amazon have a great selection depending on what your budget is. There are bottles from £4 up to £25, they are all of high quality but some are larger or have different grips or cooling options. Take a look to see what you prefer.

Rehydration Packs

Dehydration can kill so it is vital to replace fluids if you are poorly or have been sweating excessively. I have written an article on Dehydration and How to Avoid It but I’ll also give you a load of resources so that you can rehydrate.

Reducing Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol can make you very dehydrated especially if you drink a lot. If you are looking for some help in reducing you alcohol intake then I would suggest the following.

I hope you’ve found this article useful. If you have any feedback please let me know in the comments.


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Alive and Kicking With a Limp


If you want to know a little bit about me I’ve written an interesting article over on Squidoo. The article is called  Alive and Kicking with a Limp: All About Me and discusses basically who I am. It was part of a Rocket-Squids challenge and it has been a huge success.


I talk about my disease (Heterozygous Factor V Leiden Mutation) and conditions (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) but that’s not all there is to me. I love to practice karate, read, write and research, but I also love music.

If you want to find out some more information on my then follow the Alive and Kicking with a Limp: All About Me link and tell me what you think.


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Healthy Living With An Illness

If you’ve ever been poorly for any length then you’ll begin to understand what it is like to live like that every single day of your life. Just so that you know what I’m talking about I’ll give you a quick run down on what I’ve finally been diagnosed with after all these years of searching.

Heterozygous Factor V Leiden

I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful to say and it’s certainly more than a handful to live with. Basically what that means for me is that my body cannot break down clots which has lead to an extensive Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left leg. I have to take twice daily heparin injections to stay alive but I’ve written a separate post explaining exactly what Factor V is so if you want to you can check it out here.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

This is a complication of my Factor V Leiden disease and has recently landed me in hospital for a month and home care for an extra 3. A deep vein thrombosis is a clot that gets stuck in the largest vein in  your lower body, normally found in the calf. There are many risk factors for getting a DVT and it is wise to be aware of them as they can cause further complications such as Venous Insufficiency and Post-Thrombotic Syndrome.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency occurs when there has been damage to the valves in the veins. If the valves don’t work in a vein then blood will pool in the lower extremities and can cause a whole host of nasty complications such as ulcers on the skin, swelling, and pain. Here is a previous article that goes into detail if you want to find out more.

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

I must say, this complication is not fun (most complications never are). It is a condition that at least 50% of DVT patients will suffer from and there is currently no cure. Symptoms include pain, swelling and fatigue with more information to be found here.


This particular condition I have had since I was a child, however, since my hospitalization it has gotten worse because I had a few pulmonary embolisms (clots that went to my lungs). I am currently on twice daily steroids and an inhaler when I need it. Asthma is caused by irritants making the windpipe contract making it difficult to breathe but the steroids help to calm down the reaction.

Chronic Fatigue Sydrome

Now, this is an interesting one, I’m on the fence as to whether I actually have this or not but either way the treatment is the same. Basically, I don’t know whether my fatigue is caused by my blood disease or whether it’s because I’ve got CFS. I wont really know until my blood is under control which might take a couple of years to do. Anyway, here are a couple of links about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, what it is, and what it’s like to live with it.

 I also have two things that I couldn’t live without at the moment:

  • Arnica
    to help take away the bruising and soreness from my injections.

There you have it, my reasons for trying to live a health life with a handful of chronic illnesses. I admit I’m not good everyday but I always try and do better than the day before. I hope you enjoy reading this on my journey towards a healthier me.


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